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Welcome on my page with variations source code of unofficial version of DelphiX. All rights keep authors or owners of units (or documents).

Full installation of DelphiX (unrar only) has all features of DirectX 7 powered Eric Unger's JEDI DirectX headers with TridenT extension in DXRender.pas , DXSprite.pas patch and new version of DIB.pas with some new picture effects. I made convert source of demo programs from conFusion pack (plus PixelCore , PixelDX , turbopixels and colli3DX units for DelphiX and variant of newPixelDX ) and some additional demo files included (see to particles ). I made new DirectX.pas compilation with unDelphiX headers (full DirectX 7). Installation was tested under Delphi  4 , 5 , 6 , 7 and Delphi 2005/2006/2007/2009/2010/XE/XE2/../Seattle / Berlin / Tokyo / Rio / Sydney / Alexandria / Athens and some unit names were changed (for file name collision libraries 3rd party). Any comments welcome.

NEWS: New version released.


Main change is Delphi 12 Athens support and some optimalization.

and too:
1/ Use pure DirectX interfaces from Delphi 2010/XE/XE2/XE3/XE4/XE5/XE6/XE7/XE8/Seattle/Berlin/Tokyo/Rio/Sydney .
2/ Improvement function for future quaternion support and more Dim2/Dim3 expressions.
3/ Inline optimalization for all possible functions.
4/ Better support 3D Sound and improvements.
5/ Convert some DFM files into text form as more comparable format.
6/ Better color match speed optimization.
7/ Function for set default sprite chip.

NOTE: Some functionality are sensible to main settings in Source\DelphiXcfg.inc file. Please be sure that switches are corrected set up. Installation program support change options but for most users it is default set up.

Changes from last version and installation procedure please see
history.rtf   in file


(un)DelphiX installation program (beta version)
Installation program (un)DelphiX 1.0.20. release Mar 29. 2020
Full source code with basic demos. This section will be preferred.
Installation brings sources to destination directory and following start selected compiler install into IDE Delphi package with IDE settings.
  • Supported Delphi version 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 2005 , 2006 , 2007 , 2009, 2010, XE..XE8, Seattle , Berlin , Tokyo, Rio and Sydney .
  • For suported versions Delphi 2010 and up are automatically used build-in header files DirectX (don't allowed using DirectX.pas file from library).

NOTE: Because it is beta version still, please be tolerant. Any suggestions welcome.

NOTE: Installation for Delphi XE2 and up is 32 bit. only. .

GIF2DIB 1.0.1. conversion utility
Executable file
With this tool you can convert animated GIF to DIB sequence for (un)DelphiX use in DXImageList component.
PNG2DIB 1.0 conversion utility
Executable file
With this tool you can convert a static PNG image with alphachannel into DIB32 for (un)DelphiX use in DXImageList component. Texture can be generated directly from DIB32 format.
Source file

All-in-one pack (un)DelphiX full source pack.
DelphiX_all_in_one (rar file, 3.91 MB, Actual. Nov 19. 2023)
When is source code actualized (without samples) small pack:
(un)DelphiX source code only (rar file, 699 KB, Actual. Nov 19. 2023)

NOTE : Here  is summary document about changes between DelphiX and (un)DelphiX (document MSWord size cca 3.3 MB).

All in pack contain:
  • Full source code last version with my hardware acceleration and bug fixes.
  • New property editors... 
  • New feature for use alpha channel from DIB32in scheme R8G8B8A8
  • My new component for midi playing from resource through DXMusic.
  • My prototype code for quick start your application use hardware acceleration features.
  • Simple editor for .dxg and .dxw files.
  • Samples for Colli3D (3D collision tester).
  • Samples for make 3D step-by-step under (un)DelphiX by P.Cerno.
  • Sample framework from 3rd party.
  • The Dolphin demo for demonstrate 3D meshes.
  • Sprite additional sample + new demos for newlook DXSpriteEngine.
  • DXFont demo (font like bitmap management) and DXPowerFont demo.
  • Simple application "BALL".
  • Actualized DIB additional effect demo.
  • GraphixLib demos.
  • Turbo pixels good demos (1/Speed demo,2/Particle demo, 3/Gummi demo).
  • Original Hori's texture demo, adapted for me(but without image-resize function still).
  • Demo for fast Pixel demonstrate.
  • Actualized DXFusion demo (adapt conFusion to(un)DelphiX by me on two ways 1/DIB-backbuffer and 2/Pure(un)DelphiX).
  • Actualized DXEffect for new inspiration DIBeffect.
  • New demo how create screen save with(un)DelphiX
  • New demo how rotate line about axis
  • (un)DelphiX Isometric Demo
  • Noise generator
  • New DIB functions (and new demo).
  • New demo how use videotexture.
  • New demo how use tracers as cursor and maindemo
  • ...and many new procedures, functions etc.

For some DFM files you have to use Convert.exe utility for convert DFM file from text format to binary format in older version of Delphi.

Note: In Delphi Berlin and up missing some interfaces of DirectX. There is switch to our JEDI headers now.

1 . Note: Pack is published on Torry.net too, but in older version only.
The (un)DelphiX pack with my hardware acceleration containstandalone demos, works without changes in accomplished source code. The LENS FLARE DEMO was recompiled with new (un)DelphiX features for short illustration speed increase, windowed or full screen mode and switch between hardware and software. DelphiXDemo is demo displays some newfeatures in interactive mode, based on demo Mr. Krejci alias Upir.

Other source or documentation
SpritesX.rar (MSWord doc, 267 KB)
Sprite programming documentation (from WEB)
DelphiX.rar (MSWord doc, 1.92 MB)
How create games in DelphiX (in Czech lang.) by V.Krejci, M.Svoboda, etc. Many examples.
DelphiX3Dprogs.rar (MSWord doc, 209 KB)
How works in D3D under DelphiX (in Slovak lang.) by P.Cerno

Last updated Nov 19. 2023

You can send me E-mail to unDelphiX .